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Tir Na N’Og Celtic Pendant representing the story of Oisin who travels under the sea to the Land of Eternal Youth with Niamh. He returns to Ireland after many years have passed.

OIsin, a hero of the legendary Fianna, fell in love with Niamg from gthe mythical land of Tir Na nOg.  Together they travelled on her magical horse over the sea off the west coast of Ireland before slipping beneath the waves to surface on Tir Na nOg, the land of eternal youth.  They built a wonderful life together and their love grew deeper with each passing day.  After what felt like only three short years on Tir Na nOg OIsin became very homesick for Ireland, and so Niamh gave him a magical horse to take him back under the waves to his home.  She warned him not to touch the soil of Ireland.  OIsin returned to Ireland and found that 300 years had passed while he was with his love, and the Ireland he knew had changed.  He reached down to touch a stone and fell from his horse.  THe magive of Tir Na nOg left him and he aged quickly and passed away.

Gift Boxed and packaged with a storycard detailing the legend.

Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland

Hallmarked in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

  • 18inch Chain
  • Diameter is 26mm

Tir Na N’Og Celtic Pendant

SKU: 2165
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