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An experience in reading, this is the professional history of Bazzel Baz and the Association for the Recovery of Children. Baz' long-anticipated non-fiction book Something Bigger Than Overthrowing Small Governments details riveting highlights from Baz' life told in his witty, humorous and enthralling manner. Explore in first-person his stories from The Citadel and watch how his career in the U.S. Marine Corps was interrupted with a shrewd recruitment by the CIA. Experience extreme adventures and history-changing missions from Baz’ ten years as a CIA special operator.

Then walk through the events that birthed "The Association for the Recovery of Children" (ARC). Included in this book are multiple after-action reports from outstanding ARC child rescue missions. Baz has reserved for the last chapters some crucial revelations about our current times, "What Hides in The Darkness.” Showing his fearlessness toward controversy, Baz takes a powerful stand on current issues that will inspire his readers to become the American patriots that are needed to defend a nation under attack from within.

Something Bigger Than Overthrowing Small Governments

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