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The design forms the shape of the tree branching out with our Connemara marble set discretely behind the frame. The contrast of colour between the marble and the silver is so striking.


In modern times the tree of life has come to represent strength, wisdom and longevity. It has always represented the link between heaven and Earth that connects all forms of creation. A symbol of connection to one another and the universe.


This Connemara marble, one of the world’s oldest minerals and rarest marble in the world, was mined from our quarry in Lissoughter, Recess Co. Galway. No two pieces are identical, making each piece totally unique to you. Our Sterling Silver is hallmarked at the Dublin Assay office which is located in Dublin Castle.


Presented on an 18″ chain the penant measures 2cm x 2cm and has a weight of 3.8grams.

Connemara Marble Tree Of Life Pendant

SKU: 70049
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