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Scottish Country Dancing

By: Celtic Bard Jeff

Scottish Country Dancers hail from a world-wide community of dancers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds that is organized by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The society was formed by concerned Scots in 1923 in order to collect, preserve, and insure the continuation of the traditional dances and music of Scotland. Scottish Country Dance is not danced for performance, but is a social dancing. Dancing in sets, in long lines fit the space of a castle hall or village meeting place. The Welsh, Irish, English and other parts of Europe danced in similar form. In Scotland, it was enjoyed by all levels of society, from the ballroom to the barn dance. The dances sometimes carry a story or were devised to honor a person, place or newsworthy occurrence. From the elegance of a slow Strathspey to a lively jig or reel, they convey a common language that will connect both dancers and sideline observer.

Image: Scottish Country dancing via Wikimedia Commons

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