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Poem: ‘Where Do Fairies Hide Their Heads?’

By: Celtic Bard Jeff

Oh, where do fairies hide their heads

When snow lies on the hills,

When frost has spoiled their mossy,

And crystallized their rills?

Beneath the moon they cannot trip

In circles o'er the plain,

And draughts of dew they cannot sip

Till green leaves come again.

Perhaps, in small blue diving-bells

They plunge beneath the waves--

Inhabiting the wreathed shells

That lie in coral caves.

Perhaps in red Vesuvius

Carousal they maintain

And cheer their little spirits thus

Till green leaves come again.

Or, maybe, in soft garments rolled,

In hollow trees they lie,

And sing, when nestled from the cold,

To while the season by.

There, while they sleep in pleasant trance,

'Neath mossy counterpane,

In dreams they weave some fairy dance,

Till green leaves come again.

When they return there will be mirth

And music in the air,

And fairy rings upon the earth,

And mischief everywhere.

The maids, to keep the elves aloof,

Will bar the doors in vain;

No key-hole will be fairy-proof,

When green leaves come again.


Image: Faery Shea. Illustration via ‘Mythological’ by Sabin Reinhardt and Richard Merritt. Coloring and photo by Celtic Bard Jeff.

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