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Gallaecian Celtic Warrior Statues

By: Celtic Bard Jeff

These statues can be found in Northwestern Iberia, some accompanied by statues of wild boars, a symbol of ferocity, courage, and warrior spirit in Celtic Culture.

Most statues were found in an area comprising the territories between the Douro and Minho rivers, in Northern Portugal. They are depictions of ancient Gallaecian warriors in their traditional warrior attires, with Golden Torcs and Kilts. A detailed observation of some statues reveals the use of Kilts with geometric motifs in form of a Tartan, wave patterns, triskelion, and other decorations suggest the use of colors in the fabric. The analysis in some pieces of looms, found in nearby Castros ( Celtic Hillforts ) suggests the possibility of a graphic similar to a tartan.

The great number of warrior statues found all over the Iberian Northwest is a testimony of the great appreciation for the Warrior status by the Gallaeci people and Celtic Culture.

Some of these statues can be seen nowadays on display in museums across Portugal and Spain. One of the best Celtic warrior collections can be seen in the National Museum of Archaeology, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Source: Celtic Culture in Northwestern Iberia Image: Gallaecian Celtic Warrior Statues

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