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Morgyn Bard, LLC is a family of Businesses.
Castle Scotland
Morgyn Bard™

Morgyn Bard's™ retail treasures are hand-picked from Ireland, Scotland & Wales and other parts of the UK - or inspired by the Celtic Diaspora. Our heritage inspires us to create genuine connections with our customers - it connects us all – we call it our Celtic Hearth. Please, come on in, enjoy some tea and browse. And welcome to the Family.

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The Highland Bard™

The Highland Bard™ Tea Jellies, Teas, and Coffees are available in our shop. Our low sugar, vegan & keto-friendly Jelly is delicious paired with our pastries - or on the grill at home. The smooth texture creates a fantastic glaze over whatever you’re grilling, and the flavors evoke the myth and mystery of the Celtic world – both past and present. Stop in and pick out your favorite flavor!

Beer Tap
The Twisted Griffin™

The Twisted Griffin™ Celtic themed Café and Tea pub is opening soon. Serving all natural, artisan teas and coffees each with a Celtic theme – including a weekly special blend on tap for our Community of customers. You’ll enjoy unique blends of teas and coffees while sitting at our signature bar. Savor one of our in-house made pastries, and relax to soft, Celtic music.


TrailHop™ - Stay tuned to learn how you can help heal and protect our National Parks.

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