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Why a Celtic theme?  It's the Mountains. The Highlands.  The Bard’s have always been drawn to the mountains. It is there that they connect to their spirit best and feel a genuine sense of connecting to the earth.  In the Highlands of Scotland they felt it deeply.  And while sitting upon the Slieve League cliffs in County Donegal, Ireland and staring out over the Atlantic, they came to embrace that ancestral spirit completely.

By embracing their heritage and their love of Ireland and Scotland, they decided to change their path. Morgan and David decided to create a business inspired by their ancestors. Every product they have ever created has a story – a story of family heritage, or a bardic folktale. This connection to the past speaks volumes to our Family of customers - and links us all together.

The Bard family’s first documented ancestors arrived in America in 1642. They landed in the Virginias, then moved onward into the Ohio River Valley and finally, into Kentucky. They are pioneers of land – Daniel and Squire Boone – and industry – Jim Beam. Now, like their ancestors, the Bard’s are moving West searching for a home.

That home is the Mountains – Rocky Mountain National Park to be exact. The Bard’s are creating a new home and a new business in the mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado. Opening their store in 2020 has been a culmination of a long journey. But the Journey doesn’t end. The Bard’s will continue to be inspired by the Highlands of Rocky Mountain National Park. They will continue to create and curate art and products that inspire others on their own Journey. The Highland Bard store in Estes Park, Colorado is a place to visit to not just purchase something that inspires you; it is a place of positive energy and friendship.

The Bard’s love of Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park is as vast as the Mountains themselves. And their Journey continues. They invite you to step inside their store, both online and in person when in Colorado, and walk a few steps down that path with them.



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